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Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

Leila Samimi-Dehkordi

Course Information

Semester: 93-94 First
Instructor: Leila Samimi ([l] DOT [samimi] AT [gmail] DOT [com]) (Do not forget "Iaushk-AdvTopSE" in the subject of your emails)

Course Topics:

The course outline is found here


  1. Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice by Marco Brambilla, Jordi Cabot, Manuel Wimmer. Morgan & Claypool, USA, 2012.
  2. Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides (The Gang of Four), 1994.


  1. Model-Driven Development Lecture Notes by Andrzej Wasowski, IT University of Copenhagen, Spring 2013.

Course Notes

Lecture NotesFile
00-A brief review of topicsPDF
01-Introduction to JavaPDF
02-OO programming conceptsPDF
03-Modeling with UMLPDF
04-Introduction to Design PatternsPDF
05-Design PatternsPDF
06-Design Patterns (continued)PDF
07-Anti-Patterns PDF
08-Metamodeling PDF


Please submit the Assignments on the specified due date.

you need to download the file of assignment and submit the answers on the specified due date.

Assignment 1, 2, and 3

The Project

The format of the report for the final project can be found here!

The date for the presentation is going to be 2 Bahman.




You can find Persian notes about Design Patterns here.

Arezou Akbarian-DehkordiFactory Method8 Aban
Farahnaz AleEbrahim-DehkordiStrategy22 Aban
Simin AminiAbstract Factory8 Aban
Saeed BakhtiarifarMediator22 Aban
Niloofar Balouti-DehkordiBuilder8 Aban
Narjes Bayati-EshkaftakiPrototype8 Aban
Armin TavasoliCommand15 Aban
Fahimeh JafariBridge8 Aban
Nasrin Haghani-BoroujeniIterator15 Aban
Sadra SalehiComposite8 Aban
Mohammad AbdollahiVisitor22 Aban
Majid AbdollahiDecorator15 Aban
Alireza ErfaniProxy15 Aban
Elham Fazeli-FarsaniMemento22 Aban
ShafieiTemplate Method22 Aban
Mohammad Ghanbari-SiniInterpreter15 Aban

The presentation files can be downloaded from here.