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Advanced Programming II

Leila Samimi-Dehkordi

Course Information

Semester: 98-99 Second
Instructor: Leila Samimi ([l] DOT [samimi] AT [gmail] DOT [com]) (Do not forget "SKU-JAVA" in the subject of your emails)

Course Topics:

The course outline is found here


  1. Java: How to program, Deitel and Deitel, 11 edition.

Course Notes

Lecture NotesFileVideo(low quality)Video(high quality)
2.Control StatementsPDF
3.MethodsPDFLesson01-02, Lesson03-04, Lesson05-06-07, Lesson08Lesson01-02, Lesson03-04, Lesson05-06-07, Lesson08
4.ArraysPDFLesson01-02, Lesson03-04, Lesson05-06-07Lesson01-02, Lesson03-04, Lesson05-06-07
Game GuessIntPDF,code (.zip), code(.zip)Lesson01, Lesson01-code, Lesson02, Lesson02-code Lesson01, Lesson01-code, Lesson02, Lesson02-code
5.OO: a deeper lookPDF, code.zip Lesson01, Lesson01-code, Lesson02, Lesson02-code, Lesson03, Lesson03-code, Lesson04, Lesson04-code, Lesson05, Lesson05-code, Lesson06, Exercise,
Game WheelofFortunePDF, code.zip Lesson01, Lesson02, Lesson02-code, Lesson03, Lesson03-code, Lesson04, Lesson04-code
6.OO: InheritancePDF, code.zip Lesson01, Lesson02, Lesson02-code, Lesson03, Lesson04, Lesson05, Lesson05-code, Lesson06, Lesson06-code
7.OO: Polymorphism&InterfacePDF, code.zip Lesson01, Lesson02, Lesson03, Lesson04, Lesson05, Lesson06,
8.FilesPDF, code.zip Lesson01-Lesson02, Lesson01-code, Lesson03-part1, Lesson03-part2, Lesson03-code, Lesson04, Lesson04-code Lesson05


Please submit the Assignments on the specified due date.